Finder X3

Using radar technology first developed by NASA for DHS, SpecOps Group Inc. has developed a real –time heartbeat identifier designed to find signs of life under rubble called FINDER™. Developed to find heartbeats in seconds not hours under rubble caused by Earthquakes, Avalanches, Tornadoes, Sunami’s and other natural disasters. Finding buried victims as soon as possible is the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

FINDER ™ provides first responders, firefighters, LEO’S and FEMA with the right tool to save lives and save time pinpointing where multiple survivors are and not might be. Time is your enemy in life saving situations.

By providing accurate and reliable information on the whereabouts of life, FINDER™ has taken the guess work out of searching where trapped victims might be and given them proof positive of where they actually are. Responders now have the capability to save many lives quickly.

Finder X3


With its weather proof compact form- factor, FINDER is designed to fit in an overhead luggage compartment on an airliner. Built to be controlled by one operator FINDER™ is designed to be a personnel-borne tool to provide immediate and crucial situational awareness information.

  • Optimized design and form factor for comfortable handling
  • Quick Setup
  • Only needs one operator
  • Reliable detection of heartbeat and respiratory movement 20 meters away vertically and horizontally
  • Sees multiple heartbeats
  • Sees thru smoke, fire and walls
  • Ability to operate in a stand-off mode (at a distance )
  • Graphical user interface with built in GPS capabilities and statistical reporting over Wi-Fi.
  • Simple user interface and operation requiring no advanced training

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