The Humdinga illustrates the scalability and versatility of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology.

Developed specifically to access remote destinations, transitions from land to water in seconds. At a touch of a button the wheels retract and the power train transfers from 4WD to GIBBS Amphibians proprietary HSA twin jet propulsion system for on-water use



  • Payload Up to 1,000 kg (6 persons)
  • Curb Weight 2,750 kg
  • Speed 35+ mph (water),70+ mph (land)
  • Propulsion Twin GIBBS water jet with Single Turbo-charged diesel engine (300 HP)
  • Acceleration Under 25 seconds (Water – 0 to 30 mph) 
  • Transition time Under 11 seconds (5 seconds for wheels to be retracted, 5-6 seconds to reach plane speed) 
  • Range Combined 100 miles on water and 100 miles on land
  • Fuel Capacity 200 liters
  • Body Material Fiber Composite

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