KEDACOM, as a leading provider of video products and relevant solutions, is committed to video conference, video surveillance and various video solutions to help public and corporate customers improve communication and management efficiency.

Video Conference 

Engaged in video conference for over 12 years, KEDACOM is one of the most mainstream manufacturers around the world and also the most indispensable representative in China video conference market. KEDACOM provides integrated video conference products which include HD, SD, MCU, a variety of  codec terminals and diverse conference peripherals to satisfy customer demands in different industries, different scales and different environments. At present, KEDACOM video conference products have been widely applied to all public and private sectors, with over 100,000 nodes of successful deployment.

 Video Surveillance

Accessed to the IP surveillance security industry since 2004, KEDACOM has engaged in the development and promotion of network video surveillance in China and become the most influential brand in HD IP surveillance field. Based on accumulated experiences for almost a decade, KEDACOM has formed  comprehensive and advanced technical advantages in the CMS platform, NVR and HD IP camera and relevant products have been widely deployed and applied in safety security and many other areas.

 Video Application Solutions

KEDACOM possesses the core technologies, product manufacture and solution providing of two business lines including video conference and video surveillance. The company accumulates abundant practical experience so as to provide various video solutions such as Emergency Dispatch System, Remote Compliant Reception, Remote Prison Visit, Distance Learning, Surgical Operation Demo System, Digital Court and Remote Video Interrogation. These applications combine video conference and video surveillance into some unique solutions for customer business and largely broaden video communication and management in efficiency.





  • IP Camera, NVR
  • Long Range Camera Up to 15 Km
  • Human Recognition, Face Recognition
  • Vehicle Camera - Live Streaming
  • Body Worn Camera - Live Streaming

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