Company Profile

PT SAS Securitas is an integrated Security company that provide and selling advanced information technology products. With the collaborations with Swiss Securitas Asia Pacific Pte Ltd which is part of the Swiss Securitas Group with its headquarter in Switzerland. Swiss Securitas Group is the large based security company in Europe with the experience in security industry since 1907.

With its Security Services and IT Security Systems business units, PT. SAS Securitas is fully competent and equipped to provide comprehensive safety and security solutions to address modern security and protection needs through constant readiness, state-of-the-art technologies and professional services. PT SAS Securitas Indonesia is established with main focus on providing security technology and security consultancy and all security requirements.

Group companies: PT. Rizky Rahayu Indonesia, PT. Integrasi Cipta Elektrosolusi, PT. Radio Frequency International Technology. Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

At the PT. SAS Securitas, we have the experience and expertise to realize a complete Security Cycle which includes:

  •  Knowledge to develop and produce technical security products and solutions
  •  Secure data transmission
  •  Security Services (Security Management, Monitoring Centers)
  •  Consultancy Services
  •  Working closely with police forces, other government agencies and Multi-national commercial entities in various industries.

Our products are a world class quality, like:

  •  Airrobot
  •  Aibotix
  •  Spynel
  •  Innowatch
  •  Mobile X-Ray
  •  iVACS (Intelligent Vehicle Access Control System)
  •  iFerret (FOD Detection on airport runway)
  •  Amphibian Vehicles
  •  Explosive Containment
  •  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  •  Salto Lock
  •  Knock N Lock
  •  TOV (Text Overlay Video)
  •  Pelican Case and Lights
  •  Bollard
  •  Face ID
  •  Alert Metal Guard
  •  X-Ray Body Scanner
  •  SIP (Smart Intelligent Panel)
  •  Access Control and Customizing software
  •  Targeting System
  •  Mobile Phone Tracker and Interceptor
  •  G-Form Pads
  •  Others advanced IT Security products…