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The UAV AirRobot has been fielded by the German Armed Forces in 2005. Ever since it has been an integral part of numerous units training and operating in and outside of Germany.

The original design of the lightweight AR100-B is rigid and ready to fly in minutes. The design as well as its functionality has been proven in thousands of flight hours by various Armed Forces in extreme terrain and climate conditions.

The brushless engines and rotor design allows AirRobot to offer UAV with very low noise emission. This makes AirRobot flight platforms more quiet than comparable UAV of other manufacturers.

Security Features of the Flight Platform :

  • Emergency landing – if the battery level is too low
  • Emergency landing – when the radio connection is interrupted
  • Return flight to the starting point – at the termination of the radio connection
  • GEO Fencing -Automatic and manual flight mode

Features :

    • Fligth Time: 25-45 minutes (depend on Model)
    • Payload : 250 gram – 3 kg (depend on model)
    • Range : Up to 3000 meter LOS
    • The new highly efficient 3-axis micro-gimbal offers:
      1. Night Vision – Thermal Imaging Camera
      2. Day view – Telecamera
      3. Day view – Wide angle camera
      4. Laser – Class 3B laser for target designation

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