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The Chemilink SS-100 Series have been developed based on the latest scientific knowledge and methods with key raw materials; recycled materials and additives.

The SS-100 series include SS-108 and SS-110 sub-series for stabilization, rehabilitation and recycling as two of Chemilink’s principal series products. Chemilink SS-108 Soil Stabilizing Agent and SS-111 Stone Stabilizing Agent have been successfully applied mainly in Asia with focus on South-East Asia since 1994 for numerous engineering projects such as airport runways, taxiways, parking aprons, highways, various public and private roads, shipyards, and other parking yards. Chemilink SS-108/111 are the sub-series delivered in powder form.

They have specially been developed for soil/stone stabilization in tropic areas to improve problematic soil conditions with frequent rainfall, high water table, lack of good and economical construction materials, and unsuitable, weak, peaty, or swampy soils. Chemilink soil/stone stabilization can be applied by using the cold deep in-situ mixing method or the central mixing plant. These Chemilink systematic solutions have technically and commercially been proven to be effective, reliable, and durable by numerous completed projects especially in the Asia-Pacific region over the past decades.

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