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CYCLOPS is a Movement Detection System designed to locate life for law enforcement personnel, military, first responders and fire fighters.

CYCLOPS can see thru walls up to 15 inches thick and indicates where subjects are. Can be used in open areas or rubble.


  • Scans and sees thru walls and buildings to detect multiple subjects in seconds
  • Pre-tactical assault provides verification of human life inside buildings, vehicles, boats
  • Breaching – so law enforcement can plan for effective and safe entries
  • Force Protection – verify if humans are in the area
  • Scans small boats for stowaways and human trafficking
  • Scans caves, tunnels and mines for terrorists/criminals/drug traffickers or survivors
  • Scans containers, trucks and lorries
  • Can be mounted on robot for safe breaching
  • Search and Rescue – effective detection of trapped or injured people

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