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The X3 FINDER is radar technology built by SpecOps Group Inc. This technology was created to detect signs of life. SpecOps group created every part of this system from designing circuit boards, software engineering, algorithms, hardware and even the framework that holds it all together.

The X3 Finder system assists search and rescue teams, fire fighters and law enforcement with a new tool. This new tool is self-contained, man portable. Our system has minimal setup time and is ready to scan instantly. Scan results are displayed in 2 minutes. Our instant on system keeps the First Responder at a constant state of readiness. This system is designed specifically for the aftermaths of catastrophic global events that result in collapsed buildings and other occupied infrastructures. The system greatly reduces search times resulting in better use of valuable manpower management resources.


  • Detects life signs in the open up to 91m (open area)
  • Scans and see thru walls (up to 45 cm cumulative) and buildings to detect multiple heartbeats
  • Scans tunnels, caves, mines for anti-terrorism and human trafficking
  • Scans containers, trucks, lorries
  • Minimal setup time.
  • Scans up to 12-hour (100 scans).
  • Simple design familiar to First Responders
  • Operates remotely as a standoff device

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