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Recordable Infrared Audio/Video Flashlight. The M5 was designed for all evidence gathering applications and recording events for Law Enforcement, Military, Fire fighters, Insurance adjusters, home inspectors, hunters and other Industrial Applications.
Record and document Field Contacts, Arrests, Apprehensions, Interviews, Crime Scene Searches, traffic Accident Investigations, Vehicle Inventories, Vehicle and Truck Inspections, Cell Checks, Search Warrant Inventories, Domestic & Family Law Cases, Child Protective Cases and much more. It’s a Complete, Covert Night Vision System You can automatically convert the M-5 to the covert, covertly document all night time investigations, arrests, searches and inventories and crime-in- progress investigations.

Features :

  • 600 Lumens LED Flashlight
  • Selectable Brightness Control
  • Water Resistant and Shock Resistant
  • It’s a Complete Colour Video Camera System
  • Hi-resolution Omni Vision Colour and B&W Night Vision Video Camera
  • System w/Condenser Microphone
  • 1½ Inch TFT-LCD Colour Monitor
  • Digital Zoom: up to 8X
  • Built-in microphone
  • 8 GB micro SD card memory
  • 270 minutes recording high quality video audio, or more than 20,000 images

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