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The ORION Anti-Drone solution includes both passive and active sensors for detection, smart jamming and kinetic counter-measures; with a fully integrated Command & Control system to defeat incoming drone threats. It protects fixed sites and mobile environments.
TRD has currently deployed its ORION Anti-Drone solution to almost all ASEAN countries. More than 20 countries worldwide are using TRD Anti-Drone Solutions.
Technology & Product Range.

Our Orion family of Anti-Drone systems consists of a wide range of products. Starting from the light-weight handheld Drone Jammer gun known as ORION-H, to our fully integrated ORION-I inclusive of RFDF, Radar, long range camera detection and counter drone defeat sub-systems.

These systems can be deployed on many types of platforms, and allows for a modular setup and flexible integration with existing systems. True Power in your hands.


  • Protection of Key Installation
  • Protection of Public Events
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Security & Military Use

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