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Premeditated jumping or emergency egress, PARASIM® is the safe, cost-effective way for parachute jumpers to hone skills and plan missions before taking to the air.

Greater preparedness, reduced risk, and enhanced skills.
Whether you live to jump or jump to live, you’re fully prepared with PARASIM. We recreate the jump experience by combining virtual reality, validated parachute dynamics based on physics, and realistic canopy controls.

Recreating the experience of a real jump.
From the head-mounted 3D VR display to the suspension harness that detects jumper inputs, the physics-based parachute simulation technology in PARASIM recreates the conditions of a live jump. Controls, real world scenes, malfunctions, wind profiles, various weather conditions, and a full library of terrain types add up to a realistic experience.

The gold standard for parachute flight training.
PARASIM has been the standard parachute training solution for aircrew and airborne paratroopers for 20 years, with over 300 systems sold worldwide. Our system is used now by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines for both premeditated airborne operations and for emergency bailout and ejection training.

Rehearse group operations. Increase mission success.
Plan every detail of a group mission including possible problem scenarios, using real-world terrain data and imagery. Team members can see each other in the shared virtual environment, follow the team leader, practice free fall maneuvering, avoid collisions, and land safely together at the target.

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