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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

The tags contain electronically stored information. RFID can be use for inventory control, tracking objects, gate/barrier automation, etc.


  • Read Rate: multiple (>100) tags can be read simultaneously.
  • Line of Sight not required. Items can be oriented in any direction, as long as it is in the read range, and direct line of sight is never required.
  • Human Capital Virtually none. Once up and running, the system is completely automated.
  • Read/Write Capability: more than just reading. Ability to read, write, modify, and update.
  • Durability : much better protected, and can even be internally attached, so it can be read through very harsh environments
  • Security: difficult to replicate. Data can be encrypted, password protected, or include a “kill” feature to remove data permanently, so information stored is much more secure.
  • Event Triggering Capable. Can be used to trigger certain events (like door openings, alarms, etc.).
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